Journey Living

About Shannon

Hello Friends,

I personally wanted to thank you for stopping by and taking time out your busy day to visit my site. I am so glad that you are here!   I am Shannon Maier, founder of Journey Living Ministries. Often a woman of many hats, I can answer to those who call me Shannon, Shanny, Mom, friend and my personal favorite “MiMi”. Public speaking and life coaching are my passion and the things that I hold very close to my heart. I am your average woman  riding the waves of this crazy beautiful storm, called life. While all the while, clinging to the rock of righteousness.

My passion is to help others through public speaking and life coaching. I love to encourage and inspire those who God has placed around me.

I have found the only successful way of doing my best is to cling to The Rock of righteousness, and helping raise up those who God has entrusted to me. My prayer is that God will bring us both through it all successfully

About Mark Burd

Mark, a Pastor from Greenville, OH, attended a meeting in the Spring of 2016 where several Time to Revive team members shared the vision of the ministry and introduced the first concept of reviveOHIO. Mark came home from that meeting more excited than his wife, Jill, had seen him in a long, long time. She knew in that moment they would be involved with this ministry somehow. reviveOHIO kicked off in Darke County a few months later, and Mark and Jill were there from the very beginning. Their entire family jumped in, and as a result, they are now “addicted” to sharing the Gospel. Mark and Jill can’t imagine NOT being a part of this ministry … their lives have been forever changed!

Mark and Jill live in Anna, OH with their 5 children, Daniel, Ethan, Alex, Lily and Addison. He served as Co-Pastor of the Heavy Metal Church of Christ in Greenville and worked as an industrial supply salesman. Mark loves music. He served as a worship leader for many years and plays the guitar, bass and drums. Mark also enjoys sports and coaching his kids.