Angie and Friends on a Podcast

The Gals


Angie is the Morning Show host and Operations Director for RISE FM Christian radio in Bellefontaine, OH.  She is a Marine veteran and has 4 grown children and two grandsons.


Nicole has had the honor of being being married to her best friend, Brian, for almost 23 years. Together they have 5 children under the age of 16. Holding Bachelors Degree in secondary education, her post college vocation took a turn and lead her into a career in investments and personal banking.  With the onset of Brian’s professional and military career, she turned in her brief case and high heels for bare feet and a diaper bag. Nicole and her family moved to Logan County from California 5 five years ago; and, have loved settling into this community. To her cherished titles of Wife and Mother, she now adds Health Coach and Business Owner. Her heart’s desire is to help people discover their personal freedom.

About this Podcast

Have you ever overheard a conversation and wished you could be part of it?  That’s what we (Angie and Nicole) are asking you to do, listen in to our conversation.  We just wanna be real.  We just want to have honest conversations.

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