The 8 Facets of Life

About the Podcast

Hosted by Chris Conley and Debbie Ellis

The 8 facets of life started with a Christmas gift, a simple planner designed to help Chris Conley organize his schedule for the coming year. What he didn’t anticipate was how that basic calendar would change his life, and is now changing the
lives of others. The 8 facets of life: a simple title with seemingly simple principles; but each a stepping stone designed to build a whole life – mentally, spiritually, and physically.

“That planner I received was like any other, except for one page. That page listed nine areas for goals.” Conley said. “I asked myself if these areas covered all aspects of life and I began to go through each of the nine. I combined two of them and edited a couple and created The 8 Facets of Life.” After applying these goals to his own life for an entire year, Chris was ready to share his new way of thinking with others.

About Chris

Although Chris retired in 2013 he’s stayed active by coaching youth sports, playing golf, being involved with church activities, writing for local newspapers, and leading workshops and speaking at various businesses, schools, and other venues. In addition he enjoys being an active grandparent.

He’s always enjoyed reading and listening to podcasts to inspire himself as well as sharing ideas and concepts to help others grow. His passion is to help others understand that life is about always doing your best.

He has worked in various roles through life, usually leading people. It’s through those encounters he’s realized that life is all about people and we need to live a life of integrity in order to maximize our influence.

Chris is married to D’Anne since 1978, has two sons and four grandchildren.

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